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Charles F. Gillard


   2010     Chocolate Bayou Industries Community Advisory Panel, January 2010, "Process Industry Safety Performance and Trends", Alvin Texas.

   2009     Petroleum Technology Quarterly, 1Q 2009, "Beyond Turnaround Planning", Brian Cormier, Resource and Development Company, and Charles F. Gillard, C. F. Gillard and Associates.

   2007     Honeywell Process Safety Management Roundtable, October, 2007, "Operating Within the Design Envelope", League City, Texas.

PlantSuccess User Conference, April, 2007,"Perspective on Globalization: Challenge and Opportunity® Beyond Mechanical Reliability", Houston, Texas.

SAT User Conference, March, 2007,Invited Speaker "Taking IntelaTrac® Beyond Mechanical Reliability", Houston, Texas.

   2006     Primavera Conference, Increasing Profitability Through Project Management, Invited Speaker "Taking Project Management Up-Front", July, 2006, Houston, Texas.

PlantSuccess Conference, Executive Leadership Forum: Managing the Business in Real-Time, April, 2006, Houston, Texas, Moderator of “Improving Profits From Maintenance and Reliability” Session.

Hydrocarbon Processing Plant Manager's Breakfast Forum, Panelist, April, 2006, Houston, Texas, "Lessons Learned From Mobile Solutions: Enhancing Reliability".

   2005     Chemical Engineering Progress, September 2005, "Boost Your Group's Performance" by Charles F. Gillard, C. F. Gillard and Associates

               Environmental Progress (Vol.24, No. 2), July 2005, requested editorial "The Compiance Challenge" by Charles F. Gillard.

               PlantSuccess Conference, April, 2005, Houston, Texas, Executive Leadership Forum: "Plant Operations and Next Generation Knowledge Management".

               Recognized for defining best practices of plant operations management by Sam Parino, CIO - Global Refining, Chevron Texaco, in National Petrochemical and Refiners Association presentation AM-05-40 at 2005 Annual Meeting.

               Oil & Gas Financial Journal, February 2005, "Organized Approach Is Key To Successful Capital Projects", by Charles Gillard. Invited speaker.

               OSIsoft "Show Me The Value" Webinar, February 16,2005, "Simplifying Title V Compliance". Invited speaker.

   2004     PlantSuccess Conference, April, 2004, Houston, Texas, Moderator of “Improving Profits From Maintenance and Reliability” Session.

   2003     Invited speaker, June 2003, SEIT Conference, “Value of the Digital Plant” sponsored by Aveva, The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center, The Woodlands, Texas.

               Invited speaker OSI soft 2003 Users Conference, May 13, 2003, “Making Title V Simpler — The PI System’s Role in Environmental Compliance”

               Chemical Engineering Magazine, March 2003, “Boosting Environmental Performance” by C. F. Gillard and Bob Wood.   The article was the Feature Report in the issue.

   2002     PlantSuccess Conference, November, 2002, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Moderator of “SAP: The Next Step in Value Extraction” Session.

               Invited “Official Guest Speaker” Invensys Showcase and Worldwide User Conference, “Title V: You’re Not Paranoid; You’re Toast”, Orlando Florida, September 2002.

               Invited speaker PlantSuccess Regional Conference, "Achieving Excellence in Plant Operations", Chicago, IL, April 2002.

               Chemical Processing Magazine, From the Editor “What Was That New Years Resolution?” by Diane Pirocanac, Associate Group Publisher/Editorial Director.  Chemical Processing summarized and recommended points of the Chicago Plant Success Conference above presentation.

   2001     PSU Chemical Engineering Newsletter, summary of September 2001 CEP productivity article below edited by Dr. Ram Yamsaengsung.

               Chemical Engineering Progress, September 2001, “Increasing Employee Productivity” by Charles Gillard, Chief Strategy Officer, Verticore Technologies

               Hydrocarbon Processing, July 2001, “Quantifying Financial Values” by Pierre R. Latour, Guest Columnist.  This article reviewed a number of articles on “quantifying financial value of dynamic system performance improvements” including the Hydrocarbon Processing Operating Excellence article below.

               Hydrocarbon Processing, April 2001, “Creating plant operating excellence with measurable results” by Charles Gillard, Chief Strategy Officer, Verticore Technologies.

               Industrial Computing Online, April 2001, “What’s Your Plant’s Score” by Charles Gillard, Chief Strategy Officer, Verticore Technologies.                        

               Plant Services Magazine, January 2001, “Creating A Plant That Thinks” by Charles Gillard, Chief Strategy Officer, Verticore Technologies.

    2000    PlantSuccess 2000 Conference, Presentation "Achieving Excellence in Plant Operations" with by A. Farid and Charles Gillard, Wilmington, Delaware, October 22, 2000.

               Daratech Plant 2000 Conference - Keynote Presenter: "IT in the Day in the Life of an Operator".

   1999     Contributor to “Consolidate Regulatory Information” Chemical Engineering, January, 1999; Kristine Chin.

   1998     First Conference Knowledge Management Conference presentation: "Knowledge Management and the Human Factor".

   1994     Shell President’s Excellence Award for OnTarget and TaskMaster manufacturing support systems development.


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