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Wonderware IntelaTrac Implementation Support

We provide support to companies and plants in implementation of SAT IntelaTrac. Support covers the entire project from initial benefits analysis and establishing scope to determining actual benefits. We are an SAT Consulting Partner.

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Process Historian Utilization Review

Many times the plant process historian is not utilized fully. This review compares plant utilization of the Historian against full utilization to maximize the benefit from the system for reliable and efficient operation. Recommendations for improved utilization are provided. Implantation can be by local staff or assistance can be provided.

Increased utilization of the process historian can frequently give $5 million per year in improved plant profitability.

Plant Operations Management Review

Plant operation management and systems are reviewed against a set of Best Practices.

Plant Scorecard and KPIs

A plant Scorecard tracking current performance and history on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is a key component of achieving excellence performance. We provide consulting on identifying the KPIs and their measures. We also provide a template for display and administration of the Scorecard. The display can drilldown through the organization and functionally.

Safety Management Review

Plant safety management practices are benchmarked against proven elements for achieving excellent personnel and process safety.

Environmental Management Review

Environmental management is reviewed against a set of criteria proven to improve environmental performance and improve compliance with regulations.

Title V Readiness Review

Title V of the Clean Air Act is a significant challenge for plants. Developing the permit application is a long and difficult process. Once the application has been submitted the site has to start development of plan for how to achieve compliance with the new requirements. The Title V Readiness Review provides an excellent start to an implementation or a check of an implementation program design or completed implementation.

Plant Systems Review

Computer systems used in the plant are reviewed. The systems should meet plant needs and objectives. The review provides guidance on weak spots and opportunities providing an IT plan that supports the business and will get the support of the business.

Capital Project Lookback Process and Assistance

Looking back on capital project performance versus the expectation improves project implementation, design, selection and increases management confidence in the capital program. We provide consulting on design and implementation of the Lookback process.