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Charles F. Gillard


Refinery and Chemical Technical Management

Broad range of experience in technical management of large and small locations.

Refinery and Chemical Operations Management

Experienced operations manager over a wide range of processes and facilities.

Integration of Refinery and Chemical Processes

Knowledge and experience in integrating refinery and chemical process units to maximize return on investment.

Economic analysis and capital project development

Able to evaluate needs of facilities for improvement in throughputs, yields and variable costs and coordinate development of capital projects to maximize profitability.

Information Management System Development

Development and evaluation of information systems to meet business and operational needs.


April 2000 – Present                               C. F. Gillard and Associates                         Houston, Texas


n     Providing consulting to the process industries.

n     Safety, environmental, process engineering, operations management, capital project development, IT strategy and project implementation.

Sept. 2000 – April 2002                          Verticore Technologies                                  Houston, Texas

Chief Strategy Officer

n     Participated in startup of company.

n     Responsible for development of corporate IT strategies and product development.

n     Substantial involvement in Marketing and Sales

Sept. 1998 – Sept. 2000                         Shell Deer Park Refining Company              Deer Park, Texas

Vice President Continuous Productivity and Chief Information Officer

n     Responsible for "make progress" activities in refinery directed toward "continuous productivity improvement".

n     Departments included Process Engineering - Projects, Project Engineering, Computer Services, and Strategic Data Initiative (including SAP implementation).

n     CIO responsible for developing IT strategy and plan and IT system selection and development.

May 1996 – Sept. 1998                          Westhollow Technology Center                      Houston, Texas

Special Assignment

n     Coordinating Environmental Supply Chain Management Initiative for Shell Oil Products Co.  The objective of this effort was to reduce environmental costs by 6 to 8 % annually.  The effort involves use of “best practices” of procurement in selected areas of our environmental business by cross-functional teams.

n     Consultant to Shell Services on marketing of Manufacturing Management Support computer systems.

n     Negotiation of a Refining and Marketing joint venture. Responsible for evaluation of refinery economic potential.

1994 – May 1996                                   Deer Park Refinery                                    Deer Park, Texas

Superintendent Technical

n     Responsible for Process Engineering, Process Control, Quality Assurance, Health and Safety, Environmental, and Information Management with staff of approximately 120.

n     Supported startup and lineout of $ 1.2 billion expansion of Refinery including Coker, high pressure Coker Gas Oil Hydrotreater, pressure swing absorption hydrogen purification unit, sulfur plants, and distilling unit revisions.

n     One of the first refineries to utilize the TNRCC’s new flexible environmental permit program.  This permit replaced the previous “grandfathered” status with total emission limits.

n     Following startup of new facilities led effort to maximize benefits resulting in 18% increase in crude runs and elimination of heavy product manufacture yielding $ 50MM per year improvement in profitability.

n     Successful certification of reformulated gasoline plan.

1989 – 1996                                          Deer Park Refinery                                     Deer Park, Texas

Manufacturing Information Management Steering Team

n     I represented Deer Park on team that managed information technology for Shell manufacturing.

n     Activity areas included business models, data models, inventory measurement, stock balancing, maintenance planning, shutdown planning, inspection, laboratory information systems, and infrastructure.

1990 – 1994                                          Deer Park  Mfg. Complex                            Deer Park, Texas

Technical Superintendent - Process Engineering, Process Control and Quality Assurance.

n     Responsible for Process Engineering and Process Control and Information Management for Deer Park Refinery and Deer Park Chemical Plant.

n     Received Shell President’s Excellence Award for OnTarget and TaskManager manufacturing support systems development. 

n     Worked with Howell Training Group in development of the InForm operator training and resource system.

n     Developed project for a new CCU Wet Gas Compressor and Alkylation Unit started up in March 1994.

1989 – 1990                                          Deer Park Mfg. Complex                             Deer Park, Texas

Superintendent Information Management

n     Developed Refinery Consolidated Control Room plan and project.

n     Responsible for location implementation of Business Information Process projects.  These included a location-wide operating and technical database and a stock balancing application.

1986 – 1989                                          Head Office, Technical                                   Houston, Texas

Technical Support Manager - Deer Park

n     Head Office liaison for Deer Park.

n     Responsible for capital project development, evaluation of technical staffing needs, and coordination of technical support from Head Office Engineering and Westhollow Research Center.

1983 – 1986                                          Head Office, Technical                                   Houston, Texas

Technical Support Manager - Basic Chemicals and Norco Refinery

n     Head Office liaison for Norco Refinery and Basic Chemical Facilities at Norco, Deer Park and Wood River.

n     Coordination of Basic Chemicals (Olefins) R&D program and budget., development of capital budget and projects, and coordination of technical support from Head Office Engineering and Westhollow Research.

1978 – 1983                                          Wilmington Mfg. Complex                    Wilmington, California

Operations Superintendent

n     Responsible for operation of Wilmington Refinery and Dominguez Chemical Plant.

n     Highlights included startup of new CCU Reactor/Regenerator, hydrogen plant, and high pressure hydrotreater.

1976 – 1978                                          Wilmington Mfg. Complex                     Wilmington, California

Operations Manager, Alkylation and Utilities

n     Responsible for operation of Alkylation Unit and Utilities for Wilmington Refinery.

n     Highlights included startup of revamped Alkylation Unit and New Boilers.

1976 – 1978                                          Wilmington Mfg. Complex                     Wilmington, California

Operations Manager, Chemical

n     Responsible for operation of Chemical Plant (IPA/Acetone and derivatives).

n     Substantially improved reliability and stream factor of units.

1974 – 1976                                          Wilmington Mfg. Complex                     Wilmington, California

Supervisor Process Engineering

n     Supervised group of 8 to 10 process engineers supporting the Wilmington Refinery and Chemical Plant.

1970 – 1974                                           Head Office Process Engineering      Houston, Texas

Sr. Engineer

n     Distillation process design, development of computer control projects, and capital project planning.

1968 – 1970                                          Wood River Refinery                                 Wood River, Illinois

Process Engineer, Hydroprocesses Department

n     Plant process engineer in Hydroprocesses Department which included a fully regenerative catalytic reformer, a semi-regenerative catalytic reformer and naphtha and distillate hydrotreaters.

n     Participated in Hydrocracker startup.

1967 – 1968                                          Wood River Refinery                                 Wood River, Illinois

Process Engineer, Technological Department

n     Process troubleshooting, distillation process design, and process simulation.

1963 – 1967                                          Wood River Refinery                                 Wood River, Illinois

Coop Student

n     Process Design of Benzene Extraction Unit Debottlenecking

n     Plant Process Engineering at Distilling and CCU Dept. at Norco

n     Pilot Plant Laboratory

n     Quality Assurance Laboratory.

EDUCATION: Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana   BS Chemical Engineering, 1967


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